36 Hours In Houston...

36 Hours in Houston…


That one time me and my best friend, Nadege, decided to see our fave  Beyonce’ in Houston at the end of the summer! With both of our schedules being so crazy, we literally only had time to fly in for the concert and fly right back out. Thirty- Six hours of adventure was just what the doctor ordered! I’ve never been to Houston in my adult life, so I was really excited to see what the city had to offer!

QUICK TIP: If you go to a Beyonce’ concert or any major event that involves twenty-thousand people going to a stadium. Get a hotel/Airbnb  as close as possible to the stadium! That way you can walk and you don't have to pay high uber prices after the concert! We end up getting at hotel directly across the street! It saved us ALOT of headaches.

We got up a little earlier the day of the concert to do some sight seeing. But first… BRUNCH! When in the south you always got to find a good brunch. We found this very cute place called “Benjy’s In The Village” Vibes unmatched! It was definitely packed so if u have a party larger the 4 I would suggest calling ahead! The staff was very friendly and accommodating! The restaurant had two floors, we sat upstairs.The vibe was so chill. I personally was happy they were vegan friendly, they had great options and bomb mimosas! They also give u these mini banana muffins with some type of apple preserve! OMG! So good!

After a great brunch, we decided to site see a bit! For it to be September it was 93 degrees, sun was blazing and humid! Whew! The “Graffiti Park”, Market Street Park and Houston Water wall park were some of the interesting sites to see. Great thing about these places they were not far.

QUICK TIP: RENT A CAR! All the running around we did would have took a lot longer, more difficult and more expensive if we used ride sharing app. It was free parking everywhere we went, so it worked out.

The Graffiti Park was in a industrial area, it was a hot spot for photo shoots. The art was so beautiful and really told a cultural story! But Whew! It was HOT! We survived about twenty minutes without completely melting. After a mini photo shoot, we headed to the Water Wall Park. Which was about ten minutes from where we were. The Water Wall Park was right next to the Houston Galleria Mall. The park was easy to get to, however there was no parking around the park and it was a high traffic area. While looking for parking that wasn’t going to get us towed, we stumbled upon the mall. The Water Wall was definitely a site to see! It was beautiful and for it being an Sunday it was packed!

Since we parked at the mall, we decided to grab some food before we head back to the hotel to get ready. Bruh! I haven’t seen a mall so big in a long time! It literally had something for everyone from a Tesla store to Forever 21 all the way to a ice skating rink! To get to the food court was easily a 15 min walk! You can get overwhelmed from all the people and options. Take your good walking shoes!

By the time we got back to the hotel we were beat and needed a nap! (I swear the older I get the more naps I need before any event!) But there was no time. If you have never been to a BEYONCE’ Concert, GO! Treat yourself! No, its not as expensive as people make it seem. This was my second time going and I’ve never spent more the two hundred dollars. Its an Experience! Very organized, professional and well thought out production! This was my first time seeing her in Houston and from now on… I WILL ALWAYS SEE HER IN HOUSTON!

QUICK TIP: Make your your outfit choices CUTE & COMFORTABLE! Regardless of where you park, you will do ALOT of walking and standing. You would be surprised how many women who can barely walk or have to walk bare foot on gravel at the end of the night because they wore high heels! Save your feet ladies, its not that deep! Also pay attention to the stadium bag/purse guidelines, they are very strict and will turn you away or throw your bag out!

Moral of the story: I had a great time and will definitely be back for long weekend! If you were thinking of visiting…PLEASE DO! Houston has a little bit for everybody. If you have been, what were your experience?! Leave a Comment Below.

P.S: Check out some of the pictures from my trip below!

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